Baggage Deliveries

Supported Airlines


Locating your bag

Your airline or baggage handling agent will take care of locating your luggage. Once found and cleared through UK customs, WeFindIt will deliver it to you.

Tracking your bag

Please enter your File Reference Number and surname into the boxes below to track your delivery.

Receiving your bag

Once WeFindIt takes custody of your luggage you will receive a text message with a 2 hour delivery window of when you can expect to receive it.

Track My Delivery

How It Works

1. Place the Airline file reference and Name as it appears on your Baggage Report.

2. If details fail to appear that would confirm that we are still awaiting a baggage delivery order from your airline/handling agent. Check back with your Airline/Handling Agent for a further update.

3. If your details appear that would confirm a baggage delivery order has been received. This will also send you an SMS text confirming the order. You can now send back a text and live chat with our WeFindIt Customer Service department.

4. Dependant on your destination the item will be allocated a further SMS text will confirm a delivery time. Please note that there is a time frame from the bag arriving into the warehouse whilst the routing and allocating takes place before a text confirming the delivery time is sent.